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Angela Deuber, born in Bad Kissingen (D), is a Swiss architect educated at ETH Zurich (2002) with the practice based in Chur, Grisons.

2012 - 2016 Lecturer in construction and design at Lucerne University
2015 Lecturer at Porto Academy at the FAUP
2009 - 2010 Assistant at ETH Zurich Prof. Christian Kerez
2007 - 2009 Assistant at ETH Zurich Prof. Annette Spiro

Awards and Honors
2017 «Architekturpreis Beton», Award for outstanding work with concrete
2015 «ArcVision Prize. Women and Architecture», International award for Architecture
2014 «The best conversion», Finalist

Buildings and projects (selection)
2017 Private house, Grisons, Switzerland
2016 Museum in a garden, Frohnau, Germany
2015 School building in Aarwangen, Switzerland
2014 House on the Hebridean Island of Harris, Scotland, UK
2013 School building in Thal, Switzerland
2012 Palazzo del Cinema di Locarno, Switzerland
2012 Multi-purpose hall Seefeld in Buochs, Switzerland
2010 Conversion of a late medieval House in Stuls, Grisons, Switzerland

Exhibitions (selection)
2017 "The Great Hypostyle at Karnak, Egypt". Contribution Architecture Biennial 2017 "Make New History", Chicago (USA)
2014 "Island". Eight new house designs by Architects from Scotland, Switzerland and Sweden for the Hebridean Island of Harris’, AE Foundation, Edinburgh (UK)
2014 "Young Swiss Public". Exhibition of work by seven emerging architects from Switzerland, Organized by the Swiss Embassy, The Cass Gallery, London (UK)
2013 "Intermediate forms: when attitude makes space". Exhibition about the Landscape, Art and Architecture in Grisons, Chur, Lucerne, Zurich

Lectures (selection)
2017 "'breaking' all the rules" Architecture on stage, The Architecture Foundation in association with the Barbican, London
2016 "About beauty, 11 projects, and against the myth of the idea." Kruh, Studio Hrdinů in the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery in Prague
2014 "The poetics of space, logic of material, and the interdependent totality." The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Publications (selection)
"Architektur, die [fem.], Baukultur ist auch weiblich! Portrait", Special issue Archithese, Zurich, 2016 June
"Architekturführer Schweiz. Die besten Bauwerke des 21. Jahrhunderts. Schulhaus Thal", Alexander Hosch, Callwey, Munich, 2015
"Donna Architetto dell'anno", Magazine Architetto, 2015 March
"An der Spitze. Ein Eingriff, der verändert", Olivier Berger, Die Südostschweiz, 2015 March
"Architecture by woman", Domus, 2015 March
"Third arcVision Prize 2015 to Angela Deuber", Patrizia Gatti, Vogue, 2015 March
"Angela Deuber: School in Thal", Douglas Murphy, Iconeye, Loughton, 2014 October
"Betongbarneskole i Thal-Buechen", Aina Dahle, mur+betong, Oslo, 2014 June
"Eigenwillig willensstarker Solitär", Hannes Mayer, Archithese, Zurich, 2014 April
"Der Beste Umbau. Die 11 Finalisten", Umbauen+Renovieren, Zurich, 2014 January
"Deubers Liebe zu Ideen, die zu Räumen werden", Olivier Berger, Südostschweiz, 2014 January
"Il Palazzo del Cinema di Locarno", Hochparterre.wettbewerbe, Zurich, 2013 February
"Stuls. Umbau eines Doppelhauses mit denkmalpflegerisch schützenswerter Bausubstanz", Angela Deuber, Chur, 2012

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