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The goal of ADA x is to provide a collaborative space where artists are invited to exhibit their work. It is a non-profit exhibition and residence programme meant to support artists from all over the world, with a particular emphasis on women artists.

ADA x is committed to a goal that puts nature first. Our vision is to recognize the beauty and generosity of nature and use it as a source of inspiration, learning, and example. In this quest lies our driving force and conceptual context for ADA x.

We firmly believe that nature offers us invaluable lessons to be discovered and understood. Through a deep connection with the natural environment, we not only learn from the plants and living things contained therein, but also from the ecological processes that keep our world in balance.

In nature we find an infinite diversity that has evolved in harmony with the environment. Likewise, in our projects, we recognize the importance of responsible design and are committed to incorporating the principles of nature into our concepts. By learning from natural ecosystems, we strive to develop solutions that remain in harmony with nature.

Nature is our teacher, guiding us towards a mindful consideration of the impact of our actions. We strive to protect and preserve natural resources in order to leave an intact environment for future generations. It is not just about protecting plants and animals, but also about maintaining the ecological balance and biodiversity.

ADA x is a commitment to honor nature in all its glory and importance. We work together to develop innovative solutions that balance environmental integrity and human progress.

Let's learn from nature together to create a sustainable future. May ADA x be the catalyst that inspires us to honor the beauty and wisdom of nature in all of our endeavors.

Laurie Lambrecht

Laurie Lambrecht is a visual artist from Bridgehampton (Long Island, New York) working in photography and fiber. Her work is a deft observation of the natural world and especially celebrates trees: their form, subtlety, and enduring presence. Lambrecht’s photographs are in the collection of museums including the National Gallery of Art, The Center for Creative Photography and the Parrish Art Museum. She has had numerous solo exhibitions both in the US and abroad. 


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